Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Should Tim Tebow Be In A SuperBowl Ad?

There is a great article in the Washington Post that you should read. Here's the link but please don't go read it until you finish my blog: http://bit.ly/apJPCA.
So here's my thoughts on the whole controversy. Why is it that a beer company can spend 15 million or more to run 5 commercials and nobody mentions that it is a waste of money, yet Focus on the Family honors a gift to buy the time and produce a spot that celebrates life and they are wasting money? I have been watching the Super Bowl since it first was shown on TV. I think that was the first one. Yes, I am that old but that is another story entirely. I can't tell you how many different beer commercials I have seen. I can remember a few like the Bud frogs. They are always funny and often very memorable. But they have never enticed me to pop a top on any can. I have never bought a product solely based on one of the SuperBowl commercials. I don't think anybody will be radically swayed in their convictions based on Tim's commercial either.
That's why I don't see what all the fuss is about. If you don't like what Tim and his mom, Pam, have to say, go to the fridge and get some more chips and dip. Flip the channel to something else for 30 seconds. Or just listen and see what their viewpoint is to see if you agree or not. Somehow we have become frightened of any opinion other than the politically correct one. But who determines what is politically correct. I guess it's ok to have a woman strip off part of her clothes to promote a domain registry business and the good ladies at NOW have no problem with that, but let a woman stand up and defend her choice to keep her child and the whole liberal world is in an uproar.
If you really are pro-choice, shouldn't you be glad that someone is speaking about making a choice. Oh wait, it's only pro-choice is they agree with your choice to end the life of the child. One editorial in the local college paper this week promoted the airing of a same-sex dating site as balancing the scale for CBS. I don't care if CBS wants to air that ad as long as they have to pony up the same amount for it. I can exercise my right to go to the bathroom during that span if necessary.
I think Tim and Pam have just as much of a right to be in a SuperBowl Ad standing up for what they believe in as does Charles Barkley for being in one for Taco Bell. I am sure Sir Charles is a big fan of the tacos that he is pitching. Tim may never have as much influence as he does right now and you can bet he is thankful that Pam decided that he was worth the risk to carry to term. Another person mentioned that she wondered if Pam would have thought so much of her choice if Tim had been born with some defect or turned out differently. Knowing Pam and Bob, I think the answer would have been yes on both accounts. It's just that most people would have never known about their love for that son because he probably wouldn't have been on ESPN every week for the last four years.

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