Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Year to Remember

Today marks the end of the regular season for the Florida Gator football team. Thank goodness our bowl game will be early in the season so all of us will put this behind us before the start of 2011! This is a year to remember. Did I write that? Yep, it is a year to remember.

It's a year to remember just how good the players who left here the last two years were. They had to overcome this offensive staff to actually win games. Do you realize how much talent that took? Well we do now! That's something to remember. So maybe it really is the Jimmies and Joes that make great coaches, because the coaches took this year's group of supposedly talented players and made them look average at best.

It's a year to remember your rivals celebrating both at home and on the road. It's that feeling that I hope the players remember all year long as they lift and run. But I don't think any of them with the exception of Ahmad Black have the heart, brains, or ... well you know what else they lack to learn anything from it. They say no one hurts like the players but I've been near them and they didn't seem to hurt after the game, unlike many of the fans I've seen and heard from after the losses. So I hope the fans remember what it was like to lose 5 games in a season because those of you born after 1987 have no idea what's that like as a Gator fan. Now you get the chance to prove that you are a real fan and get behind the team for next year starting right now!

It's a year to remember FSU celebrating with fireworks and carrying out a gator head to mid field after the game for the second time in the last 7 years. So that means that we get to bring a broken spear out next year or better yet the stuffed head of renegade or Chief Osceola doesn't it? No, it means we get to stay classy and just get back to the business of beating the clown college and acting like that it is always supposed to be that way. It's a year to remember to be humble when you win and gracious when you lose.

It's a year to remember that sometimes coaches need to realize that moving up is not always a good thing. Sometimes being the line coach is the best level you should attain. It is also the season to remember that losing coaches to other schools can set your program back as much as losing star players. Both of which happened to us this year on both sides of the ball. So we need to remember that it may take some time to get back to playing at the level we expect. And we need to remember that sometimes the best coach you need is the one you already got! So let's just keep our heads Gator fans and let Urban hold those on the staff accountable. Some of them need to do the honorable thing and submit the letters before they are requested!

It's also a year to remember that all kinds of crazy things happen in football. Texas plays for the title and then fails to play in any bowl game. Alabama wins it all and then loses three games. Heck, Oregon looks like they are going to play in the National Championship game and they have always been more known for their uniform combinations than their winning ways. And a guy who everybody wrote off when he transferred from Florida will probably win the Heisman. And just when you think it will be Boise and TCU in the championship game, Nevada comes up and beats BSU! It's a crazy game. That is what makes us love it so much.

So it truly is a year to remember. Just not a pleasant memory!

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