Friday, October 7, 2011

So the Yankees are out of the Post Season

So the Yankees are out of the post season! And the Red Sox just missed getting into the playoffs. So now people are worried about the ratings for baseball on TV. They probably should be, but for those of us who love baseball, this is a good thing.

In the American league you have the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers playing for a chance to be in the World Series. While the average fan couldn’t name four players combined on these two squads, the fact that two teams who don’t make it all the time are playing for the chance to go to the Series is good news for all of those fans whose teams don’t spend gazillion dollars each year to buy the best talent available in free agency. While the Rangers are back in the league finals again this year, only the most astute baseball gurus expected this Championship matchup. Really, who would have picked the Rangers and the Tigers back in March?
Those fans of the two teams might have. That’s what Spring Training dreams are made for. Every club and every fan of every club has dreams of being where the Rangers and Tigers are today. Sure if you are a Yankee fan or a Red Sox fan, you don’t dream about it, you anticipate and expect it. But everyone else is wishing upon a star that this will be their year. I have nothing against the Yankees or Red Sox. They are only doing what the rules of the league say they can do, so if you don’t like it, raise the funds to out-spend them. But I have to admit, that I love the fact that they won’t be there again this year.

It just goes to show you that just because you pay for the best players out there, does not guarantee you the best team performance. I think there is something to guys that have not been there and their mutual encouragement to win and get to the World Series or win it for their first time. It was almost like the Yankee veterans expected to win just because they were the Yankees.
With two more game 5’s tonight in the National League, the playoffs are picking right up where the season ended. This run might add a few more fans to the MLB coffers. If both of the games tonight can be as close and tense as the one last night was, the ratings may be okay as well. If the Brewers and Cardinals win tonight, the TV executives may hate it, but true baseball fans will cheer regardless of which team you root for, well with the exception of Red Sox, Rays, Yankees, Phillies, and Diamondback fans!

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