Monday, January 9, 2012

New year, same old debate

This applies on two very different fronts!

First, the Tebow debate continues after last night's victory against the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers and their number one ranked defense. As I have said before, Tim is not the best quarterback in the league right now. But let's remember that this is his first year as a starter and only second in the league. You can't compare him to Brady or Brees or Rodgers or even Rothlisburger. Given the same talent, the great according to experts Kyle Orton couldn't win with the Broncos, but somehow the team got better with a worse quarterback. HUH! Sometimes you wonder how those so called experts got the gig. The only thing that changed in Denver was they got rid of a few whiners and starting playing a guy who has always been a winner. The broncos will not win every game and I don't even think they will win next week at New England, but do you think they would have won last night with Kyle Orton?

I believe God raises up people who will exalt His name and give Him the glory when success happens. I think that is what is happening with Tim and the Broncos. They have to do their part in the process. Unlike some who think what is happening is magic, it's not. It is a group of men who are working harder and working better together because they believe in the guy under the center. Tim played well last night but so did the other guy the Broncos picked ahead of Tim in the draft. The line played well enough to keep the Steelers on balance and the receivers made a few catches to make Tim look better than he really was. But isn't that the case in every other game and with every other team in the NFL? You can't have one without the other! Great receivers make the QB better than average and Great QBs make the receivers look better than average. The Broncos are a young football team and they need a few more pieces before they can be a great team, but they are growing together and they are playing like a young team, sometimes great and sometimes less than average.

So let's be glad Tim has done well enough to stir the debate about his faith. Those who know him have already decided that issue a long time ago. Those who speak about him from a far distance should spend some time with him and that debate will go away. He is a Christian who is a football player and he will always live his life in that order. If you don't want him to say anything about his Lord and Savior, then just don't ask him any questions. If you don't want to hear his religious views anymore, then stop talking about him. He doesn't make a big deal of his faith, it is just who he is, so the media needs to either adjust and adapt or stop the madness. I for one am glad to see an athlete refuse to tone down his faith to appease the mass media. Keep giving the Lord credit Tim, you know what that has done for you in the past!

On the second front, the political debates continue. I must admit I never watch those things. I know, I know, I should but I don't. First of all, I don't believe half of what my favorite candidate says in them is the real truth. Every candidate is going to try to say things to get elected, so for me the debate is just a waste of time. The questions are fixed to either make one side look good or slanted to help one candidate often, so I am not sure what they tell us that we didn't already know about them. Except that Gov. Perry doesn't think on his feet very well!

Rather than debate, I think if we said you get two terms in the House, two terms in the Senate, and one term as President we would be better off. If I was running for President I would run on the platform that I was only going to do it for one term at the max. I would do what needed to be done to get our country on the right track and when it was done, then I would resign and let the VP finish the term. If we want to get this thing fixed, someone is going to have to do some very unpopular things. You can't make everyone like you and govern well in times like we face today. That's why we need someone who will do the hard tasks and then live with the unpopularity for a while. History will record them otherwise, but that is not what drives modern politics. It is all about polls, and popularity, and keeping the status quo from both sides of the aisle. Now you know why I don't watch the debates on either front!

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