Monday, September 17, 2012

We've been here before!

The victory Saturday night in Knoxville was impressive in many ways. We haven't seen an offensive explosion like that in a couple of years against a good team. Although to be fair, we will have to wait and see if Tennessee is indeed a good team or if NC State is a really bad one! A win on rocky top is always special and seeing Neyland Stadium empty early is always a good deal! We haven't seen a staff make as many good second half adjustments as we did the last two weeks in a while either. I wish they could do a better job of planning for the first half, but at least they are making adjustments. That gives you the impression that there is a chance if you are at least close at the half.

But Gator fans don't need to get too far ahead of themselves lest we become like the Nole fans last year. We have been here before. We have been 3 and 0 before going into the Kentucky game. Just last year after the month of September we were 4-0 and highly ranked. Then the reality of October hit and we finished the month at 4-4 and out of the rankings. Granted, this year's October isn't as tough but it isn't as easy as September either. LSU looks as tough or tougher than last year so apart from a mighty effort by the Gators and a little luck on a bounce or two, I think that will be the first loss for the Gators. Next comes a road trip to the land of Country Music and the Vanderbilt Commodores. The Dores are better and we don't usually play well there, but we should win that game but it could go either way! Thankfully we have South Carolina in the Swamp and that should give us a home field advantage and if the Cock's starting QB continues to have shoulder issues, we have an even chance to win that one. The final game of the month is the annual party in Jacksonville verses the Dogs. Georgia is supposed to be loaded this year, but when is that not the case. They just never live up to hype. They won their once a decade game last year but I don't see them beating Florida this year if both teams remain healthy. Of course injuries to key players could throw all of those picks out the window either way.

So at the end of October we could be anywhere from 7-1 and in great shape to win the east or 4-4 and hoping for a bid to the champs sports bowl again! I lean more toward the upper end, but wouldn't be surprised to find ourselves at 6-2 or 5-3 even. This team just needs to keep growing up and in the end we will be fine. I think Gator fans will have a lot to celebrate in the next two years, but remember to stay humble Gator fans. We have a long way to go before anyone should make the claim that we are back!

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