Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why would you say that Charlie Crist? "At least not in an ad"

Most of the time I try to steer clear of purely political issues mainly because I have friends on both sides of many of those issues. Well most of the issues really. But this morning I saw something on TV that just made me shake my head. My family calls it the “Eddie head shake”.

Former Governor Charlie Crist who was once a Republican when he won, then an independent, now running for Governor again as a Democrat ran an ad about  equal pay for women. Now I am all for equal pay for equal work with equal experience, so that’s not the issue. Nor is the issue really that Crist has allegedly received almost a million dollars for his campaign from Strip Club owners at least one of whom has been investigated for prostitution. That doesn't seem like a business model that is for women’s rights but he can justify that however he wants to do so.

No my issue is with the end of the ad where Charlie says, “on my first day as Governor I will sign an executive order requiring equal pay for women.” When did the state of Florida become a haven for dictators? At least ones that hold public office?

Charlie has been hanging with President Obama too much. When did it become ok to publicly announce that you are going to circumvent the constitution by doing an end run on the Senate and House of Representatives for the state of Florida? Can you imagine this kind of campaign strategy 20 or 30 or 50 years ago? Elect me and I will essentially pass a law with my mighty pen that state senators and representatives are tasked to do in our constitution but haven't on behalf of all women! And if you think that’s the only time he would use that pen, you might as well move to the Mojave and take along your jet ski for the oasis that is a part of the hundred acres I have to sell you!

Folks it is time to take back our government and there is no better place to start than with this election. This ad ought to be attacked by the Scott camp immediately. But even if they don’t the grass roots folks of the state of Florida ought to rise up and vote against Crist even if you like his views. Why, because if this is the kind of leadership we will get on day one, imagine what kinds of things King Charles would do in the waning days of his rule!

Our nation was founded by battling against this kind of one person tyranny. Our forefathers set forth a new nation with a new governing strategy as a way to balance our government so this kind of total rule would never take place in our land. I am not a political science major and I am sure there is a time and place for correct use of the executive order but this doesn't seem like the right time or right place for it to me.

If I had some tea and lived near a harbor I just might have a party. But I don’t and I am not a tea party member. I am just a guy who thinks that this type of leadership has no place in Tallahassee or Washington. One of his early ads attacked Scott for not being “government for the people, by the people.” Maybe Charlie flipped PR firms since then because it seems Charlie’s motto should be “government by me, regardless of the laws set up by the people.”

But maybe that’s just my opinion and I’d say the same thing if Scott made an ad promoting his desire to set policy with an executive order for all my Democratic friends. 

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