Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 Gator Football at the quarter pole

So let’s update the Gator football prediction through the first quarter of the seasons. To see the full blog, click here. So I predicted an easy win in game one, check. A tougher win but comfortable in game two, check. A close win on the road in Kentucky, check. And a very close win against the Vols, check again. That puts me four for four and I think I hurt my arm patting myself on the back!

But let’s look at the next four predictions. I said we would lose at home versus Ole Miss and I still stand by that prediction. I do think we have a better chance than I thought at the start of the season, but I don’t think our o-line can block well enough to give the run game any chance and Grier will have to be running for his life back there. Our only hope is that the young QB from Ole Miss will get rattled by the swamp and the hits from our defense and throw a couple of picks and maybe a pick-six!

The Missouri game is one that could change depending on the status of Maty Mauk. If he’s back from the suspension, it’s a toss-up and the loss on the road is still a definite chance. If he’s not, then I think the Gators will win that game and the chance for the magical season of 10-2 drastically increases. A lot hinges on what he did to get kicked out for one game!

Nothing has changed about my prediction for the LSU game. Well with the exception that unless #7 gets hurt, he’ll run for 200 yards against our weak Linebackers. They still win the game and now the next game against Georgia becomes huge!

I still think we can win against Georgia, but I must admit they are better than I thought they would be. However, they haven’t played the toughest of teams yet and this week we will know if they are for real or if they are the pretenders that they usually are. Also a tip of the cap needs to be given to the entire Georgia Athletic department for the class they have showed to the family of the young man injured in the game. They didn’t have to do what they have done, but they have demonstrated how to be a class organization for sure. With that being said, I still think they lose in Jacksonville.

So after the month of October I think the Gators will be 6-2 or 5-3 depending on the QB situation at Mizzou. That will mean the critical games for Coach Mac and the young Gators will be the ones in November. Fortunately three of those are at home. At 6-2 they will still be in the hunt for the SEC east but if they are 5-3 well then they are playing not to go back to the Birmingham Bowl. And that ought to be enough motivation to finish the season strong!

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