Monday, November 7, 2016

The Domino Effect is a must read book for such a time as this!

In the latest novel by Davis Bunn the reader is confronted with a storyline that might have been taken from the headlines of any news channel. The main character is appropriately named Esther. The name is both symbolic of the character’s place in the story and the story itself in the place of history. It’s not difficult to read between the lines to see that Bunn is making a commentary about the current state of financial times. His background in business can be seen throughout the intricate details of the banking industry as expressed in the fictional account of Esther.
Set among the high risk and high reward investment banking sectors, the story is both believable and terrifying. The information shared in the dialogue between characters is rich and appears to be accurate, although I admit that the technical issues of the banking industry are well beyond me. The plot develops quickly and the story is hard to put down once you get engrossed in the intrigue and back story issues that the characters face.
Some Bunn fans may be a bit disappointed with the lack of a strong spiritual story woven within the main plot, but it’s there in the background for those with the wisdom to perceive it. This work just doesn’t have it in the foreground as do most of Bunn’s previous stories. But that’s all you will have to complain about if you are a fan.
The characters are richly developed and contain the necessary flaws and cracks to make them loveable from the start. They appear as real people who might live down the street or work in the bank that you visit on a regular basis. There is intrigue, conflict, turmoil, and some unexpected twists in the plot to keep the reader engaged throughout the book. It might even cause you to make some changes in your own personal financial strategies if you are perceptive enough.
Overall, I would highly recommend you buy this book and read it as soon as possible. While the risk might not be as urgent as the one faced in the book, this is a book for the times in which we live. Or from the line in the book of Esther, “Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” This book has that feel about it. This is a book that had to be written and deserves to be read and acted upon, even if it fiction!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for my unbiased review.

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