Monday, August 31, 2009

When did the NFL become an extension of Upward Football?

So I was watching the football game last night while waiting on my wife and daughter to get back from a weekend trip to Alabama for a wedding when a most curious penalty was called. Alex Brown, former Gator, was flagged for "Roughing the Passer" because he tackled the quarterback. It wasn't ruled a late hit. He got there just as the QB was letting the ball go. The replay clearly showed that there was no way Brown even knew the ball was gone. It was not a vicious blindside hit. It was just a defensive end beating a tackle to arrive just as the ball is thrown following through with momentum and knocking the quarterback down. But apparently the rules have changed.
Since Tom Brady got hurt, there is a new emphasis on not putting your full weight on a Quarterback when you tackle them. This might be the dumbest rule in the history of football. What is the defensive player supposed to do exactly. Wrap up the QB in a snuggie and gently lower him to the surface so as no to damage the priceless throwing arm of the prima dona? They can't hit them in the head, even if they are jumping to block a pass. They can't hit them in the legs, even if they are being pushed down by an offensive lineman. Now they can't land on the poor guy with their full weight?
I know I'm an old school guy, but if they keep this up, the only real football we will be able to watch is the replays of the NFL Films. Even in the days of leather helmets and no face masks, no player was protected above the others. Maybe we should just do away with the pads all together and let the guys play in a new league called the professional flag football league. But wait since someone might get their fingers hurt pulling the flag, we better just make it the profession two hand touch league. Wait, we wouldn't want anyone getting tripped by having to touch below the waist, so let's make it the profession two hand touch above the waist football league. Ah, I've got a better idea, since we don't want to hurt anyone's ego by having a repeat of the win less Detroit Lions, let's just stop keeping score and call this the professional two hand touch above the waist professional Upward football league. That way every pro can be a winner too!
Let the guys play or give the QB a pink skirt and shirt to wear. Just so we know who we can and cannot run into without a penalty. Bring on college football!

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