Monday, September 21, 2009

What do we know about the Gators after the weekend?

Well, the hyped up weekend is over. Lame Kitten came to town, blustered, coughed, choked as a coach, sprinted off the field to avoid being questioned by CBS (only to be brought back on the field to answer the questions), and then left town without singing Rocky Top all night long. Sorry, Lame but that's the first of many promises you will make but can't keep. He should be very glad his dad has his back or that would have been an ugly game! Oh and it helps to have a guy in the middle of your defense like Eric Berry. He's a great player. Not quite a Heisman worthy player as some of my Vol friends want to think, but he was the difference in a good game and a blowout on Saturday. But what do we know about the Gators after that game?

First we know the Swamp was rocking on Saturday. Florida fans definitely get up for the big games. It was so loud you had to scream to talk on the sidelines all game long and that fourth down play was as loud as it's been in a long time! The fans gave it to Lame all day long. It was a great atmosphere inside the stadium.

Second, Florida fans are getting a little over the top. I actually heard a ten or twelve year old kid tell three Tennessee college students that their mascot, Smokey, was a gay dog! To which the college student responded, "Dang, I knew there would be a lot of trash talking, but from a kid!" Hey you gotta start them young in the SEC! But there were actually fans disappointed that we didn't hang 50 or more on them. They still have guys who get scholarships to play as well and they are from the SEC! Even still if we punch in 4 of the 5 trips to the red zone, it might have gotten there.

Third, even when we don't play our best, we are still a really good football team. It seemed like the Vols were running all over us, but at one point I looked at the score board and we had only given up a little over 100 yards rushing. We had some guys sick with the flu and some guys hurt that made our offense a little sluggish. See the above paragraph for another reason our offense didn't look like normal. But even so, we are 1-0 in the SEC East and 3-0 on the season. We set the record for consecutive wins and now hold the advantage for the first time in the series with Tennessee. There are a lot of positive things that came out of that game.

Fourth, it's really good to have Tim Tebow on your side. There might not be another one like him in our lifetime, so enjoy watching him now. The scramble play late in the game is the stuff of legends. He just refuses to lose or be stopped. Oh, it happens, but not often and not for lack of effort. Yes, he fumbled in the red zone, and I know Rebs, you stopped him once! But that guy just steps up and gets it done. The collision with Berry was the hardest hit I've seen up close. It sounded like two rams colliding in the mountains on an episode of the Wild Kingdom. I was shocked that they both got up. You gotta give them both credit as great players for not backing down in that situation.

Finally we know that the college gameday crew picked the wrong place to spend a Saturday. The atmosphere on campus was crazy. You could feel the excitement all day long. I had hoped that with ESPN getting the rights to some SEC games that GameDay wouldn't be so motivated to be at the location for their ABC game, but I guess some things just don't change. It was an awesome weekend capped off with a birthday celebration for my son complete with post game cake! I would have shared it with Fowler and Kirk, and maybe even Corso! Maybe....

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